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With iTamil, Tamil Chat Room, Tamilians have been experiencing a renaissance allowing people to share messages, photos and a variety of updates. Although chatting is not a very recent phenomenon, it has gained a lot of strength and popularity in the past few years. Considering it as the best way to stay in touch and connected with fellow Tamilians, iTamil decided to come up with a unique chat room that has brought Tamil speaking people located in the different parts of the world closer than ever. They make use of this interesting platform to discuss a variety of issues, exchange notes and in general, enjoy a sense of connectivity with like-minded people.

Hi2World has extended this amazing opportunity to all those people who are interested in knowing more about the rich culture and heritage of Tamil people. The online chat in Chennai has gained quite a lot of popularity with its easy to use and real-time chat experience. People can also swap photos with complete strangers and enjoy the excitement of anonymity. The Tamil Chat in Jaffna is the best way to express thoughts and opinions on a variety of issues related with a variety of topics.

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